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1. Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence and Sustainable Development

We welcome all submissions which use machine learning to address problems of climate change, including mitigation, adaptation, and climate science. Submissions will be evaluated primarily on their description of pathway to impact (how their research contributes to solving the problem outlined), together with their contribution to the field of machine learning. This includes (but is not limited to) clear definition of a novel problem area, novel methods for addressing the problem, novel, rigorous, and well-validated empirical or theoretical insight about ML and its utility for solving the problem.


2. Special Issue on Ethics of Artificial Intelligence and Democracy

In the rapidly advancing field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), ethical considerations are as critical as the technological breakthroughs. The upcoming special issue of the Journal of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development (JAISD) is dedicated to exploring the “Ethics of Artificial Intelligence”. This issue aims to delve into the multifaceted ethical challenges and opportunities presented by AI technologies, especially in the context of sustainable development. We invite researchers, ethicists, practitioners, and policy-makers to contribute their insights and findings on how ethical frameworks and principles can be effectively integrated into AI development and deployment. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, algorithmic fairness, transparency, accountability, AI’s impact on the environment, data privacy, and the balance between AI innovation and societal well-being. This special issue seeks to provide a platform for critical discourse, case studies, and solution-oriented approaches that address the ethical dimensions of AI, paving the way for responsible and equitable AI solutions in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.


3. Special Issue on Artificial Intelligence in the Deep Learning Indaba Community

This issue aims to showcase the vibrant and innovative AI research emerging from the Deep Learning Indaba community, a cornerstone of AI advancement in Africa. We are calling for submissions that highlight groundbreaking work in AI, particularly those that resonate with the unique challenges and opportunities in African contexts. This special issue will feature research papers, case studies, and insightful reviews centered around themes presented at the Deep Learning Indaba 2024. Contributions may span a broad spectrum of AI applications, from novel deep learning methodologies and algorithms to AI-driven solutions addressing critical issues in healthcare, agriculture, education, and more within the African continent. This edition seeks not only to underscore the significant strides made in the field of AI in Africa but also to foster a global dialogue on AI research that is inclusive, diverse, and attuned to local and regional needs. By highlighting the contributions of the Deep Learning Indaba community, JAISD aims to amplify voices and ideas that are shaping the future of AI for sustainable development worldwide.


  • Chair: Albert Njoroge Kahira
  • Affiliation: Deep Learnin Indaba 2024 via Naixus network
  • Submission: Via the JAISD submission system

4. Special Issue on 1st International Conference on the Advancements of Artificial Intelligence in African Context (AAIAC)

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development (JAISD) is excited to announce a forthcoming special issue featuring selected papers from the “1st International Conference on the Advancements of Artificial Intelligence in African Context (AAIAC).” This year’s conference theme, focusing on the role of Artificial Intelligence in driving the 4th and 5th Industrial Revolutions (4IR & 5IR) in Africa, offers a timely exploration into how AI technologies are shaping critical sectors such as automation, food production, economic development, and healthcare. This special issue aims to capture the pioneering spirit of the conference, showcasing a curated selection of research papers, innovative use cases, and significant patents that reflect the dynamic role of AI in Africa’s evolving industrial landscape. The contributions in this issue will highlight the impactful work of researchers, academicians, and industrial practitioners, providing insights into responsible AI applications that are not only technologically advanced but also deeply attuned to the unique challenges and opportunities within the African continent. As JAISD commits to fostering a global dialogue on sustainable AI development, this special issue will serve as a platform for amplifying African voices and perspectives in the AI arena, underscoring the continent’s growing influence and capacity in shaping a technologically empowered and sustainable future.


  • Chair: Ally Nyamawe
  • Affiliation: Tanzanian AAIAC 2023 via IDRC
  • Submission: Via the JAISD submission system