Special Issues


1. Embracing Emerging Domains in AI for Sustainable Development

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving, branching into numerous subfields, creating interdisciplinary connections, and expanding into diverse application areas, particularly in sustainable development. The Journal of Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development (JAISD) is committed to showcasing exceptional research and scholarship in these innovative and impactful areas.

2. Trial Procedure for Special Issues

To foster this commitment, JAISD is introducing a new procedure for Special Issues (SIs), effective for a trial period of one year starting 2024. Post-trial, this procedure will be reviewed and potentially revised based on its effectiveness and the feedback received.

3. Special Issue Management and Review Process

Special Issues in JAISD will be managed in a manner akin to academic workshops but will adhere to JAISD’s rigorous review standards. Once a Special Issue topic receives approval from our editorial board, appointed Chairs (who must be part of JAISD’s Editorial team) will take the lead in organizing the SI. These Chairs are responsible for recruiting qualified reviewers for the submitted papers. These reviewers must meet JAISD’s high standards for review quality and expertise.

4. Streamlining with Workshops

We encourage synergy with relevant workshops in the field of AI and sustainable development. Chairs or their nominated collaborators may identify potential reviewers among experts who have engaged with initial versions of the work in these workshops.

5. Rolling Submissions and Flexible Duration

Submissions for Special Issues are accepted on a rolling basis. The decision to conclude a Special Issue can be made either by the editorial board or the appointed Chairs at any time. Alternatively, a predetermined duration for the Special Issue may be set from the beginning.

6. Calls for Papers and Submission Standards

Each Special Issue will have its distinct call for papers, specifying the theme and submission guidelines. However, all accepted papers must meet the stringent publication standards of JAISD. Authors are to use JAISD’s standard submission system for their manuscripts.

7. A Platform for Pioneering Research

Through these Special Issues, JAISD aims to provide a platform for pioneering research that intersects Artificial Intelligence and sustainable development, addressing global challenges with innovative solutions. We look forward to receiving submissions that push the boundaries of knowledge and contribute significantly to this crucial field.